About the Jeep Supershop

The Jeep Supershop was stared 4 years ago by Jerry Edgerton. Jerry started out at a young age rebuilding cars. He proceeded to open a repair garage as he built his own TORC offroad race truck. Jerry began racing trucks and building his repair business bigger and bigger. He eventually had a huge repair business in his home town and was sponsored by Monster Energy® to race his Pro 2 offroad truck which in turn he's acquired 2 national championships. In the winter of 2014 Jerry decided to start the Jeep Supershop as his next adventure. In January of 2015 the new home of the Jeep Supershop was obtained and the work began. It's now 4 years later and in 2019 Jerry retired from the racing scene. Now the Jeep Supershop is his main focus. Jerry is known for being the "best" welder in town, the nicest mechanic that drops everything when he receives a call that someone need's help and is always "giving" parts and his time to local's. The Jeep Supershop is a small town business that is trying to make in the big world. Thank you for visiting our website and if your ever in Indian River, MI please stop by and check us out!